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Food Handler Card expiration


Many people ask us, after having obtained their food handler card, whether it is expired, whether it has a certain duration and about their renewal.

Current regulation does not establish a specific expiry or expiration date for the card or certificate, leaving it up to the training companies and the contracting companies themselves to decide on the appropriate renewal period for food handling. Still, most training companies recommend a 4 year renewal period.

But let us explain this in a little more detail.

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When does the food handler card expire?

The card or certificate certifies that the person in possession of it has received adequate training. However, the knowledge, processes and routines, as well as the regulations themselves, change from time to time and, therefore, the training received a few years ago can be considered invalid today. Therefore, the Regulations clearly state that such training must be up to date.

So, if I have had my card for a long time, is this training still suitable for qualification as a food handler? It depends. If this has been received recently, say in the last two years, and there has been no relevant change in the Regulations, then we can say yes.

However, if the card is four years old or older it is quite possible that it is not, since during this time there have been changes in Food Hygiene issues and, especially, the appearance of the Food Information Law (allergens). In this case, it is clear that an update of knowledge and a new certificate is needed.

If in doubt, just ask yourself some questions about the latest additions to the food handler course: Did you receive specific training on allergens and the Food Information Law? The answer is probably the same for the validity of the card. If the answer is yes, then the card will remain valid for the time being. If the answer is no, then it needs to be renewed.

As a general rule and in the absence of a specific renewal period for the Regulations, we apply the usual criteria in the sector. In other words, that the certificate or card be renewed every 4 years, which is the term previously indicated by the previous regulation.

Renew your food handler card

The renewal of the food handler card is easy and simple. You only have to visit one of the specialized training companies like ours. It is a process that can be done over the Internet and that, in a single day, can be solved, thus having the knowledge updated and properly accredited by the certificate or card.

The renewal of the necessary knowledge to be able to work and handle food safely and with guarantees is essential if we do not want to take unnecessary risks. Otherwise, we may face significant sanctions, especially if there is a problem with food safety.

The teaching methodology should make them accessible and simple for people who want to update their knowledge.

Are you looking for an approved food handler course?

The training companies specialized in food handling courses (with a long experience, such as ours) have the solvency and the guarantee to issue the necessary accreditation with total security.

This accreditation, which is the food handler's card or certificate, is absolutely accredited before the eyes of companies and sanitary authorities. For this reason, it can be said that these courses are approved and suitable for the correct training of workers in the food industry in any of their phases and processes.

That is why it is important that, in addition to the quality of the course, it is provided by a recognised training company to accredit the quality of the training. This will prevent the certificate from being considered insufficient. In addition, we must ensure that the contents of the training material are constantly updated in order to guarantee the validity of the certificates that are issued and to prolong their practical validity.

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