What is a high risk Food Handling Card Certification?
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What is a high risk Food Handling Card Certification?


In terms of food safety, for example, preparing food for a sick person is not the same as transporting food packages. In the first case, there is a much greater risk and therefore more care is needed in food handling than in the second case. Therefore, although both require training in food handling, such training will have to be higher for those activities that have a higher risk to consumer health.

In other words, the higher-risk food handler's card enables you to handle food in activities that pose a greater risk to the health of consumers and to maintain the organoleptic properties of food.

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What is a high-risk food handler?

A food handler is someone trained and certified to handle food at a professional level. A high-risk food handler is a type of food handler who is also trained to handle food in a higher-risk environment , normally because of direct contact with food. But what's the difference in terms of training?

Years ago there was a clear distinction in the rules on this matter. With the new regulations, this distinction was diluted, leaving the distinctions of these cases to the companies in their training plans.

In this sense, since there is no such clear differentiation, and in order to improve safety and avoid confusion in this regard, some training companies have chosen to design courses with the purpose of covering the entire training space in mind. That's why we chose to include all necessary training for the handling of high-risk foods within the general food handler course . This way, whoever does the food handling course with us is also trained to take on high-risk handling.

How can I get a high-risk food handler's card?

The training of high-risk food handlers, as well as the certificate or card, can be obtained by doing the course in training companies, such as ours, that have developed their training material including and extending it with this specific knowledge.

We understand that including this training does not imply a significant increase in the volume or difficulty of the course , but it does clearly improve the knowledge acquired with it. It can be considered that with the same effort, at least with our course, you can get the right knowledge as a high risk food handler as with other courses that do not include it.

The inclusion of information on allergens, the special emphasis on cross-contamination and non-cross-contamination, and the reinforcement of risk prevention measures converted our course in a reference in our sector.

Where can I take the course to obtain the certificate?

In Coformación we make a constant effort in the validity of our training programs , which guarantees that the courses offered are up to date, being a value for food companies when hiring new employees.

Our food handler training course is very easy to complete. It can be taken online at your convenience and, once you have passed the test, you can request your card or certificate at any time and receive it instantly.

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